Michael L. Davis
533 Tennis Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002
(215) 646-6011


Michael Davis is a senior computer consultant and analyst, specializing in SAS reporting and application systems. An effective communicator and writer, he is often sought as a speaker and organizer at international, regional, and local SAS user group conferences and meetings.

Selected Projects

At Aetna, created major SAS/IntrNet® applications to "dive" into medical care episodes to identify statistically significant and economically meaningful cost savings opportunities. Also extracted and modeled claims and membership information to measure impact of Aetna products and initiatives.

At Nash Engineering, installed and taught staff how to use SAS Version 8 software to provide ad hoc reporting and analysis from BaaN ERP system.  Major components of this environment include SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle®, SAS/IntrNet®, SAS/Warehouse Administrator®, and SAS/CONNECT®.

At GE Card Services, created web-based "Dashboard" management reporting application.  The Dashboard application produces graphical charts and data tables on request for analytical measures summarized monthly.  Users can select the client, chart or table type, starting and ending months from HTML and JavaScript™ web pages and receive an analysis in seconds that previously took weeks or months to prepare.  The selected summary tables can be easily copied onto a spreadsheet.  The charts can be copied into presentations or printed from high-resolution PostScript® files.   

Creator of the Data-Integrator© and Meta-Master© SAS/AF Frame data extraction tools. These object-oriented tools automatically create and populate a data dictionary. The dictionary and pre-built user interfaces allow SAS users to extract and transform data from tape and disk flat-files, as well as data base management systems into SAS data sets using a "point and click" approach.

At GE Capital, created FRAME application to auto-code and submit batch jobs to extract and merge credit applications and billing records from multiple-volume tape files. Customized menus and cross-validation allow business analysts to create efficient SAS programs that work on the first attempt.

At Purdue Pharma L.P., created dual-entry verification data entry screen program generator, audit trail, and security sub-systems for clinical data entry application running under UNIX and Windows NT.

At Dexter Corporation, converted quality management system to distributed processing. Test results are accessed directly by desktop clients from SAS data mart on Windows NT Server fed by IBM AS/400 host. System produces tables and graphs to support process control, process capability,trending, data management, and statistical analysis.

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut, developed innovative SAS coding technique which led to identification of $2.2 million in claim overpayments. SAS program served as the model for claims processing system changes and was presented at SUGI 16.

As secretary of local SAS user group, partnered the implementation of a consortium training program which has resulted in over 45 classes and over 400 students receiving professional training. Member companies have been able to increase the number of students receiving high quality SAS training while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of travel.

Business Experience

Senior/Lead Informatics Analyst
March, 2004 to Present
Aetna, Inc.
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Vice President
April, 1994 to 2004
Bassett Consulting Services, Inc.
North Haven, Connecticut

Staff Assistant to Vice President, Provider Relations
November, 1984 to April, 1994
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Plans
North Haven, Connecticut

Assistant Controller
April, 1984 to September, 1984
Park City Hospital
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Assistant Vice President, Finance
September, 1978 to April, 1984
Connecticut Hospital Association
Wallingford, Connecticut


MHA, Finance, 1978
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

BS, Business,1976
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio


SAS Certified Professional, Version 8, May 17, 2002
SAS Certified Professional, Version 6, April 30, 1999

Professional Memberships


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